Staying True to Our Mission
Enhancing Customer Investment Insight and Propelling Industry Diversification

TY-Property Development inherits the spirit of Japanese craftsmen, dedicated to our mission and committed in our endeavors. We leverage our expertise in property development, architectural network, investment insights, and promotional channels to enhance our customers’ investment acumen in Japanese real estate, driving the diversification of the local real estate industry and building fruitful results together.

Leading the Market
Leveraging our expertise in the overseas property market, we source high-quality properties for our customers.
Thoughtful and Detailed
We pioneer modern aesthetics of living, creating thoughtful and trendy properties.
Innovative and Adaptable
We focus on the originality of each project and continually innovate and adapt with the times.
Global Perspective
Guided by international standards and practices, we are keenly aware of new trends around the world.
Efficiency First
We analyze the latest market advantages, choose suitable locations, and add value to our customers’ assets.
We proactively respond to changes in customer needs, providing them with a better service experience.

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